About Us


Medical.bh – The Best and largest Online Medical Appointments Platform in Bahrain

Medical.bh is a result of years of extensive hard work and labor. A group of entrepreneurs full of enthusiasm and ICT medical field exposure stands behind its strong model and presence in Bahrain. The whole idea started to answer few simple inquiries:

  1. What if you wake up in the middle of the night to find your little baby crying? What if you have access to a mobile application or an online portal where you would quickly find a Paediatric that is operational and near to you?
  2. What is the fastest and easiest way to find a doctor of a specific medical specialty online particularly while experiencing an emergency?

Bearing in mind the above inquiries and taking into consideration interactive communication and direct integration between doctors and customers, medical.bh was born.

Medical.bh runs an interesting ICT initiative to facilitate and regulate the online medical appointments booking in Bahrain through an advanced online cloud service called "medical.bh". Medical appointments bookings will make it easy for the public to find a doctor and secure an appointment. The key success factor behind medical.bh is the direct integration between the online medical appointment requests platform and doctors' in-house medical systems proving real-time and accurate appointment booking, an excellent business model for both the end-user (people) and doctors.

Medical.bh provides the following main features:

  1. Finding doctors and reviewing their details such as: specialty, exposure, experience, awards…etc.
  2. Interactive search options to locate matching medical appointments based on doctors, location, specialty or medical field.
  3. Finding extensive details of medical firms such as hospitals, centers and clinics

Medical.bh is big nationwide IT Project which is managed and run in phases. The main vision behind it is to make it truly: The best and largest online medical appointments platform in Bahrain. A vision that is compatible with Bahrain 2030 vision set by the government of the Kingdom of Bahrain.


Medical.bh is easy to use, simply speaking! with simple few clicks you can find the doctor you are looking for and book and appointment in no time!


Medical.bh is fast and is dynamically linked to medical firms such hospitals, clinics and centers providing fast communication link between users and doctors.


Medical.bh takes data protection and confidentiality seriously. While running on protected and encrypted SSL , the portal is hosted on Google Cloud services providing maximum security, integrity and protection level for everyone!

You can reach us anytime via email, call or via contact us page. Our customer relationship team will be glad to assist you on any inquiries you may have.
We are always eager to improve and would value your feedback and views on anything related to the platform.